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    Refrigerating professional equipment for fish markets, walk-in freezers and coolers for minus and plus regime according to the wishes and needs of clients, refrigerating counters, freezers, display counters with straight or curved front glass, refrigerating display cabinets for fish and fish products, wall-hanging refrigerating cabinets, ice makers for salt or fresh water, flake or granular ice – nugget ice, ice makers for ships, boats, trawlers, purse seines, working tables for cleaning fish, automatic machines for fish burgers, automatic fish cutters, mussel washing machines, working and refrigerating tables, vacuum machines, packaging machines, numerator machines, commercial shelves, cash counters, digital scales, wall-hanging scales, tunnels and shock freezers for fishing (freon or ammonia gas), pools for shellfish, pools for lobsters, cod fish softening tanks, aquariums for saltwater or freshwater fish, refrigerating equipment for delivery vehicles, air conditioning machines, complete professional equipment done according to HACCAP certificates.