About us

We are a complete and comprehensive company that has been operating with its partners for 33 years in Croatia and other countries of the European market, assembling and selling professional equipment related to the preparation, production, processing, storage, cooling, distribution and sale of food products. As small branch of italian associated manufacturer group we cover wide range consisting of refrigerated technics, fitting out premises and industrial facilities.

Many of our associated companies is 40 years and over experienced in manufacturing equipment,parts and apparatuses for:shops,supermarkets, fish wholesale,fishmongers, bakeries, cake shops, ice-cream shops, refrigerated counter,warm counters,serve over counters, slaughter-houses, meat production, fish, panel and cold room, fridge, machines, feasting and industrial ice makers, refrigerate system, and apparatuses in industry related to fruit and vegetables, kitchens and machines for restaurant,pizzeria, hotel, caffe bar, cafeteria, fast food, grill.

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We are very specialized in bespoke solutions of wide range equipment and shop fittings, through our know-how we support and bring our customers from a idea to profitable business.

Carefully selected products

Our working rules follows our customer needs, and our everyday attempt is to satisfy customer with careful product selection which with its own technical characteristics and price accomplishes his expectations.All our products is fully and strictly manufactured in Italy. Very often the needs of our clients are technically very specific, our team is specially prepared, technical language we use is italian,croatian,english,german and russian.

Every request that we receive from our clients is particularly studied in details. Products are subject to change therefore our alignment with repairers in these areas are our daily standard.

Warranty and support

Our range of products is 100 % made in Italy. For delivered equipment we give warranty and provide tehnical support and service. We provide delivery od spare parts regardless if such equipment or device is further in production or is already out of production.

From our all-from-one-point office beside Rijeka or through our selected co-operators,technicians in various locations and countries, in keeping with our possibilities,tecnical support we offer free consulting, your premise measurements, conceptual solutions, technology and advises in case of need and upon your request

The company is registered with the Commercial Court in Rijeka, MBS 040401635, MB 5074088, OIB 83739154044.
Shared capital of 2.654,46 EUR (20.000,00 HRK) paid in full. Board memebers: Sara Kadmen.
Bank account number: HR8523400091111007114 with Privredna banka d.d.

Horatech d.o.o.

Refrigeration and catering equipment, shop fitting, equipment for food industry, planning, consulting, know-how,
design, projecting, marketing strategy, bespoke approach

Adresa: Horatech d.o.o.
Mučići 15, 51213 Jurdani, Hrvatska
E-mail: horatech@horatech.hr