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    Self service equipment, catering equipment, equipment for self service, equipment for restaurants, eateries, a la carte restaurants, taverns, inns, pizzerias, spaghetterias, pubs, pub bars.

    Counters with the back bar, retro counters, complete professional equipment for kitchen and furniture (chairs and tables for catering), ventilating hoods, dishwashers, glasswashers, kettle tippers, cooking pots and pans, refrigerated cabinets, freezers, gas or electric ovens, fryers, barbacues, pasta cookers, bainmaries, saladettes, pizza tables, pizza ovens, icemakers, blast chillers, convection fan oven, regenerators, display cabinets (warm, ambient and refrigerated), trolleys carts for breakfast display and food serving, trolley carts for trays, trolley carts for meat, fish, cakes, vine, delicatessens; equipment for air conditioning, air curtains, professional laundry washers, complete professional equipment that follows HACCAP standards.