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    Self service desk for mini hotels which within the hotel have a kitchen for the guests who prefer to stay outside, multifunctional self service buffet table with complete content of equipment for all hotel needs and self-service restaurant type. The self service buffet table consists of a warm part for heated dishes, cold space for all types of meals that can be kept at the temp. 0+2 ,+2+6 ili +4+8, bain-marie gastronorm dishes that are immersed in warm water.

    The lower part of the self service must have the maximum space available for all the needs of the waiter who prepares the guest table. Hot and neutral automatic plate lifter for convenient and fast self service. We consult, we plan, we propose, we design and produce in our Italian manufacturer a variety of self service buffet tables, we adapt to your needs and together we are looking for a solution which will satisfy you first and if we succeed in that, then we are more than happy.