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    New, unique and compact coffee roasting machine suitable for cafes, other catering facilities, bakeries. The machine is intended for a point of sale where coffee is or will be of particular importance.

    The GV coffee roasting machine is the result of our 50 years of tradition and experience in coffee and coffee processing, very small dimensions (in mm) L = 450 x D = 460 x H = 500 (700 with hood), joining it to a good coffee machine together form a new and synchronized pair that gives a completely new image to the bar. GV coffee roaster is the final and complete answer to coffee preparation like never before, at your fingertips, coffee machine roasting coffee with a coffee machine which achieves independence in coffee preparation.

    The coffee roaster roasts 500 gr. green coffee every 15 min (2 kg / hour), fully automatically from the moment the employee inserted the green coffee into the hopper. Without competition, GV is a patented coffee roasting machine that abounds in technical solutions and practical reasons that confirm the originality. Significantly lower price of quality green coffee and the advantage of roasting coffee in front of customers in the coffee shop, restaurant or bakery is an incomparable card for a very profitable business. of the 3 solutions we offer for this machine, the system with a built-in filter allows operation without exhaust pipes, so if the coffee bar is already well-established and there is no need to perform any preparatory work, the machine is enough to place in the desired place and connect to 220 V , also for extracting exhaust fumes, instead of a filter, a classic hood or a 90 mm pipe can be placed above the machine.

    The GV coffee roaster significantly reduces costs, the store or shop gets a new recognizable image, the delicate and refined smell of quality roasted coffee raises good coffee. Weight 43 kg, power 1.5 kW. Made 100% in Italy. If necessary in our laboratory in Italy We also train our clients in all the secrets of roasting and achieving top-quality roasted coffee. The whole system of preparing and starting work with the machine is very simple. Contact us to give you instructions and calculations that you can check later if you consume smaller amounts of coffee in your If we consume 1.5 kg of coffee a day in the first 4-6 months, the machine pays off and the gain difference remains, if you consume 2 or more kilograms of coffee a day, the machine pays off. in about 2-4 months and after that the usual increase in coffee consumption is due to the highest quality of coffee that we can procure or you can buy yourself. GV has irrefutable arguments for far more satisfied customers and profit growth is significant. Countries where Espresso is most represented: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Australia.

    * In the picture, our importer / representative in New Zealand is a country with approximately similar population. New Zealand consumes only high quality coffee, roasted coffee cafes buy for about 25-30 €, so many opt for a much cheaper blend green coffee and single-origin coffee. They have developed the coffee and coffee industry to perfection, their ca