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    Refrigerating professional equipment for butcher shops, walk-in freezers and coolers for minus and plus regime according to the wishes and needs of clients, refrigerating cabinets, freezers, refrigerating counters for meat and meat products, refrigerating display counters for cured meat products, display counters with straight or curved front glass, wall-hanging refrigerating counters, butchers table blocks.

    Working and refrigerating tables, vacuum filling machines for salami , vertical and horizontal filling machines for sausages, automatic forming machines for hamburgers and ćevapčići, automatic machines for cutting meat and chops, dehairing machines, vacuum machines, meat mincing machines, meat tumbler machines, slicers, cutters, packaging machines, numerator machines, commercial shelves, cash counters, cranes and lifters of various load capacity for slaughterhouses, wall-hanging butchers scales, butchers guide ways and hook systems, refrigerating equipment for delivery vehicles; complete professional equipment done according to HACCAP certificates.