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    Bakery shop fitting,we ofer variety of design,materials wood, metalic, silestone and harmony combinations between it. Our architects specialized for bakery design relaize standard and moreover bespoke designed bakery sale points. Our team of italian designers and technics make bakery shops unique and modern with unique tailor made solutions to give higest personality and practicality to the sale point. To have faultless bakery shop we take care about lights in nessessary power, LED light in Kelvin nuancec from cold white to warm white range, luminus flux (lumens),angle of lights and light intensity by zone.

    Walls and floor of bakery demand right selection of material and colors which should resist to heavy duty use.Serve over counters standard or tailor made lenght and width,variety of standard 45°,90° and bespoke made angles.Serve over counters neutral,heated or refrigerated models with large display surface for rich loading of exposed bakery products.Backcounter with shelving in horizontal or inclined shelves,made from wood,aluminium,steinless steel profiles,silestone (, marble and combination material made.Bakery design and covering panels in RAL or ARPA (

    On demand for bakery shop we do plan draw, 3D rendering, and project. We offer basically single equipment items to whole conception of bakery with know-how 30 years experience, bread manufacturing strategy with sale strategy to achieve result of profitable business. Bakery profitable business start from small details which we arrange to good looking and successful entirety. Appropriate clothes make important part of bakery sale point, our designers offer variety fo appropriate clothes ( ).

    Bread manufacturing equipment: Deck ovens, Convection ovens, Rotary ovens, Mixers, Planetary mixers, Dough spiral mixer with removable or fixed bowl, Proofer rooms,Dough sheeters, Cookies machines, Dough dividers, Volumetric dough dividers, Water chiller, bakery manufacturing steinless steel working tables, sinks with selection of quality machines for heavy duty use.