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This website uses cookies to manage language selection, navigation and other functions and shares information with third party applications that are used to maintain the functionality, but does not share your personal information with third-party cookie authors nor does it directly use third-party cookies.
It is advisable, if you are not already familiar with this term, to read some basic information about the type of cookies, their purpose and the deletion possibilities i.e. at the European Union website.

Since our site does not require user registration, we collect only the anonymous user information for visitors’ sessions – sessions are anonymous and are only recorded as an anonymous user ID. These information are deleted immediately after you leave our site or close the browser. The cookie name of the session is generated randomly. When the (anonymous) user leaves the site and closes the web browser, or is inactive for 60 minutes, the temporarily stored session cookie is deleted.

For monitoring the number of visitors to our site, we use standard statistical software that allows us to determine the information that our visitors are most interested in, customizing pages for individual web browsers (PC or mobile), the efficiency of our site structure and the visibility of our site:

  • Google Analytics records the user’s partial IP address and allows us to analyze the statistical indicators of website access. These cookies do not contain personal information, they do not identify the user with their name or surname, nor are they associated with other user information. If a user does not have a Google account, Google saves all user data through unique identifiers associated with the web browser, app, or device that the user uses. If a user has a Google Account and is logged in, the data is stored in the account and treated as personal information. More information can be found at The Google Product and Service Privacy Guide.

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By editing cookie settings, you decide whether to allow them to be stored on your computer. Managing and adjusting cookie settings can be pre-set in your browser.
For information about cookie settings, click the name of the Internet browser you are using. Some settings may also depend on a device that you use to accesses the Internet (desktop, tablet, or mobile):

We use your information to provide you the highest quality experience when using this website and our services. The collected data is used to store language selections, navigate and collect anonymous statistical data to improve the services provided by the website. Provided that there is no user registration on this website, we do not collect any personal information apart from the anonymous data required for the visitor’s session and third-party cookie information.

When you send us a message containing personal information that can positively identify you, either via email, with a question or comment, or by filling in the form on our website, it is understood that you provided this information on your own accord. Nevertheless, we use this information solely for the purpose and scope required to respond to your inquiry, to provide you with the requested response or provide the appropriate service.